A brief Story of Joseph Mbarushamahoro Masoro

I am a Congolese by birth nationality from Banyamulenge community.
I was raised and grew up in Katanga Province in DRC. As the war intensified in that region we were forced and conditioned to flee and landed ourselves in the camps in Rwanda where my family and many other refugees stayed.
I spent 11years in the camp of Kiziba Southern part of Rwanda. Life was not easy as it is to all refugees: Poverty, lack of food, lack of school fees for children, lack of clothing…as i had 4 kids to raise, life for us was so hard to explain. In 2011 through UNHCR my family and some others were given chance for settlement in the USA where one more child was added into our family.
Because of a terrible situation of unending war that i passed through with many losses (myself i lost 4 peoples including two brothers, one sister and my brother in law) as i look back to the situation that my community and other Congolese still experiencing up today i have decided to contribute to their wellbeing by seeking donations from friends and at least pay some scholarships to orphans upon reaching the United States.

In 2021 i went to Minembwe to see the orphans and widows of the aftermath of the war which started in 2017 in the high plateaux of Uvira and Fizi which still devastating and killing innocent people. Upon reaching there I decided to help 50 orphans and committed to do the follow up and continue the advocacy .
There are other children from the poorest families that i decided also to pay school fees with hope to improve their lives and have direction and envisioning a better future. This motivated me to take steps to make this happen. There are 7 kids in the camps of Burundi that get School fees clothing and food from this ministry and i pay school fees for 2 students whose father died in those years of unceasing attacks and i also pay rent to their mother’s house as we help her to improve her life. (Photos below)
My good friend Pat and his wife Rebecca has been a good help to me as we make some contribution to make this happen.
We also through our little means send funds part time to buy food in supporting refugees in Burundi and Rwanda since HCR made subtraction and deduction in their fully involvement in helping refugees as they used to do in the past.
I also volunteer to help refugees who come to the USA with some acts of courtesy so that they get used to a culture which differs from theirs (in the market, in the churches, in the hospital and life in general.) I do this free of charge with no payment when i have my free time. I was given a Community certificate from Congolese community living in Texas for the dedication and commitment in assisting refugees during their integration in Austin Texas as they resettle.
My vision and mission in to see life changing in my fellow brethren Congolese who also undergo the same struggles as that i passed through.
I ask anyone who feel to contribute to the welfare of refugees to join me in this crucial act of supporting vulnerable people, orphans and widows of war in DRC.
I do work with Education for Peace in Congo (EFP-Congo) a nonprofit organization which help victims of war and vulnerable people in DRC East.
Please check its website for more details:

Joseph Mbarusha Masoro
11032 Kirkoswald Austin Texas
Zip code 78754
Email: rwambarazablon@gmail.com


Appeal for Help

We appeal for help to anyone who feel touched to do his/her contribution whether advocacy or funds to feed hungry people who are in a critical situation for 4 years while the world watching.

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