Bitakwira was ultimately not out of the educational and punitive radars of the European Union.

Bitakwira was ultimately not out of the educational and punitive radars of the European Union.

He thought himself outside the scope of the radar screens of international institutions, having peace as one of his dear values. But the sentence was final: Bitakwira is sanctioned by the European Union for inciting violence and encouraging discrimination and hostility towards the Banyamulenge community, targeted and attacked by armed groups. He has, through his speeches and inflammatory statements, contributed to fueling the violence in the DRC, and is therefore recognized as responsible for maintaining the armed conflict, instability and insecurity, in particular in the Hauts- Trays.

It is through this symphony that the man who called the Belgian lawyer, Maître Bernard Maigain “a little white man who should not prevent him from speaking” begins to taste the fruits of his work of inciting ethnic hatred.

“I have never touched a weapon. I didn’t kill anyone, even a rat! »

We can hope for reversals or even more severe judgments. But in the meantime, Bitakwira passes on the hot potato of its declared war for the elimination of the Tutsi. He defends himself and denies all responsibility in the conflict that daily mourns the high and medium plateaus of Mwenga, Fizi and Uvira. And for the simple reason: he never touched a weapon and moreover, did not kill anyone, even a rat! he rebels.

However, the man who made himself known to the world as the spokesperson for the indigenous communities of South, South Kivu – subjugated on their soil, according to him by the Banyamulenge – never hesitated to present himself as the leader of the MAI-MAI armed groups, his Baguruguru (his barbarians) as he affectionately calls them. He has always pushed and publicly encouraged them to relentlessly attack the Banyamulenge villages – now more than 90% decimated – in the name of the fight “against Tutsi domination over the indigenous peoples and against the balkanization of the DRC”. A fight after which the racist cabbage leaf is not intended to disappear!
We will remember, forever, that from Lweba (Fizi) to Kalima (Maniema) via Kamituga (Mwenga), the worst misdeeds of the discrimination stirred up by Bitakwira did not spare these Banyamulenge, even if they were not What passage in these specific regions: vigilance against Rwandan infiltration requires!

But also, shouldn’t we consider that Bitakwira’s mouth is more than an assault rifle whose every word released is a cartridge that claims victims among the Banyamulenge whom he saw coming in 1964 with, for only baggage? , not cows but Bishambagara (traditional baskets)?

Let me explain: If, speaking of the categories of weapons, the penal code alludes to any object likely to constitute a dangerous weapon for public security (rifle, bayonet, daggers, swords, etc.), the mouth of which Bitakwira is holder can also be likened to a lethal weapon as it is intended and used to injure, threaten and kill. And as a result, it remains a danger to public safety.

If we must even take literally the passage of the Bible in James 3:6, according to which “the tongue is also a fire that kindles the whole course of existence…”, there is reason to affirm without fear to be contradicted that the language of Bitakwira is a fire which has great pretensions to intoxicate and ignite the course of the existence of the Congolese Tutsi whom he wants at all costs to destroy.

Indeed, the grandson of his grandmother can get caught up in the EU by his methods, which are cruel to say the least, or proclaim himself “privileged partner of the Head of State” and try desperately for a new audio to make with soft eyes to the President of the Republic – surely to seek his protection – he is running after time and will not be able to say that he has in no way maintained the armed conflict, instability and insecurity in the DRC. His breath of anti-Tutsi hatred which crossed the whole country, from East to West, had its real power of action until it led to a surge of violence against the Banyamulenge and all Congolese. pointy nose!

Obviously, Bitakwira is not the only one in his case. Such sanctions should be extended to a greater number of people constituting the sounding board of the genocidal ideology against the Congolese Tutsi.

On 10/12/2022
Mukulu The Patriot


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