Byadunia; A head of an NGO who took up facts and causes for the MAI-MAI!

Byadunia; A head of an NGO who took up facts and causes for the MAI-MAI!

If the phenomenon of anti-Tutsi xenophobia has gained momentum in Congolese political and populist circles, its practice is gaining ground within civil society. Consequently, South Kivu (Uvira in particular) is not left out since Mr. André Mashaka Byadunia, representative of the famous “New Congolese civil society, coordination of South Kivu” serves as a sounding board for the visceral hostility towards Banyamulenge in general, and the Honorable Moïse Nyarugabo, the elected representative of Uvira, in particular. Like a bladder filled with urine, his mouth is overflowing with insults against them, so that every opportunity is good to free himself!

Since the Minembwe affair, Mr. Byadunia has continued to shine with invective slogans and xenophobic extremist speeches against the Banyamulenge community on which he strives to bring night into broad daylight. . Hiding behind misplaced patriotism, he swims in the middle of a dream of ethnic cleansing against this community and calls for the fulfillment, without delay, of his disastrous mission. Not mastering any rule of the art of the National Assembly, he exposed his ignorance in his letter to the President of the National Assembly. A letter whose content would not, under other skies, be qualified as contempt of anyone holding public authority or responsible for a public service mission, the Honorable Moïse Nyarugabo.

It is therefore not from the inhabitants of Uvira that this promoter of ethnic hatred, who has no mandate to act on behalf of the voters, can hide his status as the “thinking head of the MAI-MAI armed groups”; he who is known to be the craftsman of the alliance agreements between these so-called defenders of the country against foreign aggression and the Burundian rebels of RED-TABARA who have long taken up residence in the Bafuliru village of Masango before being there dislodged (in February 2022) by the Burundian army. An operation that left him in a state of hibernation.

He who had shown himself unmoved when the murderous May-May wave rushed without the slightest resistance on the Banyamulenge villages of Bijombo, Rurambo, Bibokoboko, etc., only broke his silence when his coalition militia took a serious slap on the cheek at Masango. His rage therefore only comes from this blow to the heart of his conspiratorial project.

We remember his vehement remarks, on September 08, 2021 on the local radio Le messager (whose microphones are constantly and almost only open to anti-Tutsi extremists) when he was working to create a form of effervescence in the street by mobilizing the young people of Uvira in a demonstration (09/09/2021) against the burial, in dignity, of the leader of the Bijombo group, Mwami Kabarure. On this occasion and without fear of ridicule, he did not hesitate to present this funeral – which respects the established tradition – under the angle of an act of accreditation, by the provincial authority, of the illegal occupation of indigenous lands (Bavira) by what he persists in calling “a category of Rwandan refugees” to designate the Banyamulenge.

Indeed, the open secret is that Mr. Byadunia is a Burundian Hutu who inherited the DNA of enmity between Hutu and Tutsi and whose grandparents took advantage of the porosity of the Burundian border with the DRC to to integrate, mix and mingle with the Bafuliru community of Uvira. He is, by this fact, become “Congolese of origin” like many others of this category. Being born and raised in the cradle of ethnic hatred to plant the seed of intolerance and xenophobia, he dreams of creating a Congo free of any Tutsi presence. His expressive excesses of trickery and relentlessness against the banyamulenge are in themselves a certain and easily decipherable indication of his identity demon.

Thus, for a psychopath of his kind, some wonder if Byadunia does not need psychiatric treatment or if he rather needs an intervention from the security services to put him in order! Needless to say, the hesitant time it takes to reframe it suggests that the police are avoiding interest in a mental health case, while the health care system is afraid to take responsibility for what is above all else. a matter of public safety.

On 14/11/2022
Mukulu The Patriot


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