Speech against murders Nairobi 2022

Ladies and gentlemen,We speak on this day in the name and on behalf of self-defenseTwirwaneho from the Banyamulenge Community, victim of very ethnic cleansingadvanced, flourishing a genocide.First on board, it should be emphasized that Twirwaneho is not a grouparmed, as the name suggests, but more of a community self-defense initiative; who uses all the means … Read more

He promised hell to Minembwe and heaven to Masango

He promised hell to Minembwe and heaven to Masango At the head of the laying machine of conspiracy theories that flood social networks daily, Bitakwira who claims to have obtained the plebiscite of customary chiefs (Bafuliru, Bavira, Banyindu, Babembe and Barega) the function of the spokesperson for the aforementioned communities does not got tired of … Read more

Newsletter “2”, September 2021

What did Make Hammer and the Gnl. Banza Joseph who led to the criminal destruction of Kamombo? “Every James Bond has its dark side,” they say.Self-nicknamed “Amani” because of his activism on the politico-security scene in the DRC, the very famous United States ambassador in the DRC, Mr. Hammer Nzita, whose travels across the country … Read more

Newsletter, September 2021

Operation Sokola 2 South Kivu or Operation Sokola Minembwe of the Banyamulenge Supporters of Operation “Sokola (clean up) Minembwe of the Banyamulenge” naturally rejoice at the overwhelming images of the displaced Banyamulenge of Kamombo as well as waves of mad flames and thick smoke on their abandoned houses, each of which was a hotbed of … Read more

Newsletter August 2021

DESOLATION AND TERROR IN MINEMBWE CAUSED BY THE DELEGATION UNDER THE HOULETTE OF THE PROVINCIAL MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR LWABANDJI LWASHINGABO. The arrival of the provincial minister of the interior Lwabandji Lwashingabo and the head of mission of MONUSCO Sud-Kivu and Maniemain Minembwe still causes terror and desolation to the population. These two great personalities … Read more

Newsletter June 2021

THE LIFE OF CONGOLESE CITIZENS OF SOUTH KIVU IN THE DRC IS IN DANGER. Is the DRC a country without law or government? This question deserves attention in more than one way and the answer sheds light on gray areas that most of those who closely follow the security situation in South Kivu, in the … Read more

Newsletter May 2021

Democratic Republic of Congo military personnel prepare to go out on patrol in the Kivu Province Banyamulenge people fleeing from ethnic cleansing in East Congo, Kivu Province. Banyamulenge people fleeing from ethnic cleansing in East Congo, Kivu Province. DRC: The Banyamulenge community victim of a genocide in progress. We are in the DRC, province of … Read more

News Letter April 2021

“No, despite all these things, we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us” Rom 8:37 I believe that the physical fighting is a result of spiritual warfare from the devil. When we know this we will commit ourselves to God’s calling confronting spiritual darkness through faith and prayer.  Since 2017 four years now … Read more

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