If, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Maimai civilians are they, can allow themselves everything to interfere in the management of the army, what the inviolability of the sacred institution will have reached its paroxysm to excess.

In eastern DRC, there are people who have replaced the state led by Félix Thisekedi Tshilombo. In the name of hatred against the Banyamulenge, the Babembe, Fuliru and Nyindu decide, judge and decide on what should be the fate of their Tutsi enemies instead of authorized services. Instead of the institutions and the Head of State in his capacity as guarantor of the Congolese nation.

Colonel Stanislas MUHETO Tambwe, Munyamulenge, is prevented by the Maimai fuliru, bembe and nyindu from returning to his post in Lulimba in the territory of Fizi on the pretext that he had killed civilians in Makobola on December 29, 1999. But in reality Colonel Muheto was only a private. Under the orders of LIKONGO, commander in chief of the south south sector at the time and currently in operation in Kinshasa.

Archives and himself constitute irreversible testimony if the General Staff wants to know what really happened that day in Makobola in order to punish the culprit. We ask that the involvement of the Congolese government and its army put an end to the speculation of a boiling population full of hatred and revengeful spirit. Free.

On the other hand, Colonel Muheto is a soldier known for his high feats of arms. Famous and appreciated by his hierarchy during the M23 war. Sector commander at the time of the aggression and in 2012, he had distinguished himself by his bravery and his recklessness in the conduct of operations against the enemy compared to a good number of hierarchically superior officers. This earned him his assignment to kindu first, then to the greater Kasai, more precisely to Tchicapa as a reward.

From 1999 to today, what did his bitter detractors wait for to be able to bring their complaint to whom it may concern? Accusing Colonel Stanislas MUHETO Tambwe of a Rwandan subject is a matter of ignorance on the person and on oneself. In 2002, during the incursion of the Rwandan patriotic army in Minembwe against the current lieutenant general Pacifique Masunzu, Colonel Muheto was one of the best elements who fought for the honor of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The aggressor was knocked out of harm’s way. As long as you Babembe and Bafuliru were unable to ensure the inviolability of the national territory at the border.

The Maimai know very well that with its deployment in LULIMBA, in the territory of Fizi, all wars and rumors of war will have to stop. Illico. Hence their unspeakable and indescribable relentlessness against his affectation.


Imagine, dear compatriots, that the protesters go so far as to claim the cannibalism that they had shown themselves during the savage assassination of Major Joseph Kaminzobe in LUEBA near Baraka on December 29, 2021. They say in their audios and videos: “We killed Major Kaminzobe and ate his flesh so that he could teach the Banyarwanda a lesson”. In other words, so that these foreigners as they call us leave the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A further demonstration that the opposition to the deployment of Colonel Muheto and the accusations that accompany it is an act of barbarism and the uprooting of an unloved people. A barbarism that does not take into account any criteria but only justifiable by hatred, jealousy, the feeling of aversion and repulsion.

For example, the population of Uvira had demonstrated against the deployment of General RUGAYI simply because he was Tutsi. The Congolese General Staff had let itself be done as is the case today with Colonel Stanislas MUHETO Tambwe.

As for the contested colonel, Brigadier General RAMA of Uvira (a Mulega) close to the Babembe follows in the footsteps of the insurgents of bad taste. While he had to reprimand these uncivil Maimai for the respect of the army and Colonel Muheto.

In other words, if the Congolese army continues to give in to the rebel claims of the Maimai, this would amount to tacitly endorsing the idea of ​​the infiltration of the Congolese army by “Banyarwanda”. This amounts to confirming that after Colonel Muheto, another Munyamulenge officer will undoubtedly follow. Thus little by little the hunt will continue its normal course until the service ordered is completely purged of any Tutsi element in South and North Kivu.

There is no need to recall that an unproven crime remains a presumed crime. And as such, it can in no way constitute an obstruction to the deployment of a military officer.

FARDC area that has proven itself. And if we stick to the Mapping report, then everything will have to fall, starting with President Joseph Kabila, his former chief of staff Tango Fort and all the rest.

Returning to South Kivu and more particularly within the tribes who carry the torch of protest, what can be said of Generals MUTUPEKE and NAKABAKA respectively Bembe and Fuliru currently stationed in Kinshasa, the first defense zone and in Mbandaka-Equateur, when they are seriously accused, with supporting evidence, of crimes against humanity and genocide against Banyamulenge refugees on the night of August 13, 2004 in Gatumba / Burundi.

In the event that the Congolese government and its army give in to the blackmail of national deputy Freddy MUSAMBYA Abwe (Bembe from Fizi) who introduced the motion against the deployment of Colonel Muheto in the National Assembly, the aforementioned generals: MUTUPEKE and NAKABAKA, massacres of the Banyamulenge must to be recalled urgently to answer for their crime against a people in a foreign land.

Closer to us, on June 30, 2021 while three generals were passing through Minembwe, including the commander of the 3rd defense zone Yav Philémon, four women and a young man, all Banyamulenge, were shot dead at close range by soldiers of the 12th brigade no more. The population of Minembwe may shout but the crime has had no effect to this day. The commander of the place, Mr. MUHIMA Dieudonné then the torturer par excellence of the Banyamulenge community of which he claims to be an enemy since his roots in North Kivu had only as reproach the transfer for the province of Tanganyika in Kalemie

If we Banyamulenge started describing all the horrible and macabre scenes we have been subjected to in the past five years, we would not have libraries to contain our publications. It is appalling and appalling that the victims pass for executioners and vice versa. We ask the military hierarchy, the Congolese General Staff in particular, to take their responsibilities in hand and not allow themselves to be enacted laws by the infamous Maimai who have tarnished the reputation of the DRC in the East of the country. Your military deployment decision-making power cannot suffer from any failure. Even less by enemies of the Republic, the Maimai fuliru, bembe and nyindu. So, let Colonel MUHETO Stanislas Tambwe go to the place of his assignment without any other form of trial.
Jean Scohier
President of the Banyamulenge community: SHIKAMA in Bukavu.
Sunday, May 15, 2022.


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