Since Monday, December 27, social networks and the spokesperson for Operation Sukola II Sud
South Kivu, talk of an alleged attack by Twirwaneho against FARDC positions
based in Kambombo. In reality, and as usual, Twirwaneho did not attack and does not attack
never the positions of the FARDC. It is rather the attacks of the Maïmaï supported by the FARDC
against the Banyamulenge civilians who degenerated.
Indeed, according to military and civilian sources, the Commander of the 121st battalion based in
Mikenge, Col André Ekembe, prepared with the Maïmaï, simultaneous attacks on
different axes against the Banyamulenge villages. These attacks were carried out by the Maïmaï
Bishambuke and Yakutumba, in the foreground, supported by arms and ammunition by the battalion of the
Col Ekembe. Physical evidence, including audio messages about the preparations, both
tactics that logistical attacks circulate on social networks, testifying to this
As of December 26, these attacks did indeed take place, one in Kivumu, in the
outskirts of Minembwe and the other in Nyamara in Kamombo. All these attacks were
repulsed by the Twirwaneho self-defense. That of Nyamara degenerated because the Maïmaï, after
having killed a Munyamulenge shepherd by the name of MUTABERA GAHIRIMA and delighted
ten of the cows retreated to the FARDC camps. In pursuit of their cows and
Mai-Mai, members of the Twirwaneho self-defense force collided with
the FARDC mixed with the Maïmaï.
While regretting the loss of life on all sides, we condemn and
strongly denounce the collaboration of the FARDC with the Maïmaï aimed at destroying the villages,
to plunder the cows and to drive out the Banyamulenge from their environment.
In addition, we would like to denounce slander in the form of media manipulation,
falsehoods and political recoveries concerning possible mutilations by the forces
Twirwaneho Self-Defense Force of some people who fell on the battlefield. From
impartial actors working in the sector, such as MONUSCO which provided the transport of
body, can testify to the falsity of these allegations! This manipulation which is not the
first, aims to serve as a pretext to continue the murderous attacks on the
Banyamulenge. We will remember the attack and destruction of the villages of the Banyamulenge in
August 2021 on the pretext that the Twirwaneho are working with a terrorist group. It is not
yet secret to no one that it is rather the FARDC of Operation Sokola II who
host the Burundian rebels of Red-Tabara because they were used as reinforcements for the Maïmaï for
uproot the Banyamulenge.
This maneuver of disinformation and manipulation of opinion is now a news
weapon of war in the FARDC arsenal to complete the plan for the extermination of
Banyamulenge. We will recall that in August 2021, the FARDC attacked Kamombo under
pretext that the Twirwaneho were in coalition with a foreign terrorist movement. Pure
lie sewn from white thread. Another reason for this arrangement is the fact that the FARDC are seeking
to hide their weakness to protect Major Joseph Kaminzobe whose tragic assassination
discredited them. Recall that the late was lynched, burned alive and his flesh
eaten by the notables and the population of Lueba as he traveled in an ambulance in
company of his comrades in arms including his supervisor. No shot was
drawn. A disgrace that the FARDC seek to forget.
After these Maimai and FARDC attacks against civilians in Kamombo, credible information
and cross-checked from independent sources in our possession indicate that Col Ekembe
has just called and brought together the Maïmaï of all stripes, for a final assault against
Minembwe and the Mikenge Banyamulenge IDP camp.
The sources indicate that these attacks will be led by General Maïmaï Yakutumba and
will involve the groups Maimai Kakobanya, Zela Mbuma, Jimmy.
Colonel Ekembe delivered 8 machine guns (PKM) and 94 boxes of ammunition for this
We inform national and international opinion that the Banyamulenge genocide
long decried is in its terminal phase. The sponsors and executors of this plan
macabre being Generals Muhima Dieudonné and Yav Philemon, as well as Colonel Ekembe
André, respectively former Brigade commander based in Minembwe, Zone commander
Defense East and the commander of the 121st battalion of the FARDC in coalition with the Maïmaï.
Once again we implore our government to end this murderous alliance
FARDC- Maïmaï and that it protects all the populations of the Hauts Plateaux.
We call on the international community to intervene before the pire does not arrive.
Done in Kamombo, on 12/31/2021
For the Twirwaneho Civil Self-Defense Group


Appeal for Help

We appeal for help to anyone who feel touched to do his/her contribution whether advocacy or funds to feed hungry people who are in a critical situation for 4 years while the world watching.

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