The Maimai groups, comforted by the presence of Burundian-Congolese troops, mobilized for a final assault on Minembwe. In order to avenge, according to them, Gad NARUBERE, the commander in charge of the operations of the armed group Bilozebishambake who died in Minembwe on August 13, 2022.
They claim revenge, of course, but in reality claim to be in possession of the military means to exterminate the Banyamulenge now more than ever in the past.
First they will take advantage of the immobility from one country to another by the elements of TWIRWANEHO. Neutralized by the forces of the Burundian and Congolese coalition who came to the area to track down armed groups.
The Maimai, themselves grouped armed, have a different view of the coalition troops. They do not feel concerned by their mission. Quite the contrary, they find in themselves an additional strength that has come to help them put an end once and for all to these Rwandans of all kinds.
Those of them who still have a human soul are calling from everywhere to warn the Banyamulenge against what they call a second genocide of the Tutsi in the Great Lakes region.
The calls and the mobilization of the troops of the Maimai rebels for the last battle in Minembwe suffer from no shadow of doubt. The war can last as many years as it can last but the final victory can be summed up in one day.
Thus, the Maimai must meet soon at the place of horror from all over the three territories making up the province of South Kivu.
They will come from Nganja, Milimba, Rugezi, Lulenge, Itombwe, Indondo etc.
They will also come up from the Ruzizi plain, Babembe will come from the Tanganyika region, Mutambara and wherever possible.
Objective: to take advantage of the presence of the coalition forces to curb the very last time the Rwandan infiltrators known as Banyamulenge.
They say they are informed that these forces will besiege the environment so that there is no help from one place to another.
Banyamulenge will be sufficiently subjugated, submitted, maintained, to such an extent that no one will fly to the aid of the other. The long-awaited moment of God has come. The Maimai must take advantage of it without procrastinating any longer.
This information, we hold it from Maimai in person. They do not suffer from any ambiguity.
We are launching a cry of alarm to the power and to the Congolese staff. So that they nip this nascent genocide in the bud.
We inform the Burundian-Congolese coalition force in the high plateau that their mission is misinterpreted by the Maimai.
We hold the international community accountable against a second genocide on the Tutsi in the Great Lakes region.
As a reminder, Colonel Maimai Gad NARUBERE whom they claim to avenge died in Minembwe from Lulenge. He died in an attack against the Banyamulenge in their midst in Minembwe.
No one will be able to strike the blow at the murderer, the reflex to self-defense is an inalienable right to every human being. The Banyamulenge included.

Done on Monday night, August 29, 2022.
President of Shikama: Mutuality of Banyamulenge in Bukavu.


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