“Leave the armed groups”: President Christophe Mboso has not made himself heard.

“Leave the armed groups”: President Christophe Mboso has not made himself heard.

The passage from Bitakwira to Uvira in the course of the week of 12/07/2021 brought about the propulsion, on the front of the stage, of a new MAI-MAI branch which came out of the woods and distinguished itself by the cowardly assassination of Major Josph Kaminzobe (from the Banyamulenge community) in Lweba, on 12/09/2021.

Everyone will remember that as a good constructor of fiction and after having lost, we do not know for what reason, the status of the privileged partner of the Head of State, this populist and polemicist who never stops barking insults with relentlessness on the Tutsi-Banyamulenge whom he hates with all his soul if he still has one, proclaimed himself a “spokesperson” for half a dozen mutual societies in South South Kivu in the aim to arrogate to itself the preeminence over the customary chiefs (the Mwami) of the communities which he claims, by crime of usurpation of power, to represent.

“It’s not just money that corrupts,” they say, and rightly so because the madness of populism and impunity has corrupted Bitakwira’s clouded conscience.

Indeed, the fatal fate of Major Kaminzobe recalls many other murders targeting members of this same community, including four killed in the town of Baraka and all for the month of December 2021 alone. But also, five crew members carrying Humanitarian aid for displaced (returnees) from Bibokoboko as well as two motorcycle taxi drivers who agreed to offer their transport services to the Banyamulenge on the Bibokoboko road also have it, and for these reasons paid with their lives.

Called “Wazalendo” (indigenous), this new urban militia is responsible for erecting makeshift roadblocks on national road N ° 5 to track down members of the Banyamulenge community, apprehend them, lynch them, and if necessary, eat their flesh. who seems to be preferred over other preys by this youth who has become addicted to ethnic hatred.

If Bitakwira is alarmed and today pretends to fear an imminent and certain explosion, in South Kivu, of the “security pot” in his terms, he is not without ignoring that he is his obsessed and main pyromaniac.

The culmination of its approach consisting in blowing relentlessly on the embers of insecurity can only be to see this part of the country become and remain the favorable ground for the proliferation of armed groups and communitarized militias, and therefore a persistent anarchy. which gives way to permanent outbreaks of violence.

In turn, in the same town of Uvira, on 01/04/22 and as usual through his inflammatory statements, the Honorable Misare Mugomberwa who is in line with the plan of Bitakwira’s action has indulged in his appalling natural propensity to radicalize electrified opinion against those he obstinately, wrongly and at will, calls Banyarwanda (mean the Banyamulenge) with serious accusations, accompanied by vendettas and incitement to mass revolt against them.

To achieve his ends, the elected Uvira chose, in what seems to be a haggling and manipulation of the news on the disappearance of Colonel Yaoundé, to capitalize on the anger of the wives of the soldiers whose husbands form the squadron to fight against armed groups in the Hauts-Plateaux. He did not bother with any scruples to remind his interlocutors that his MAI-MAI brothers, in particular the Bishambuke branch (which he had the opportunity to visit in the field of operations with Bitakwira, according to his testimony – and implied to encourage them -) are in tacit connivance with the FARDC to neutralize MAKANIKA and his “Wanyarwanda” who take him for their Gideon, one of the most famous biblical characters.

To those who took the President of the National Assembly, the Honorable Christophe Mboso for a non-connected with the reality on the ground when he asks the deputies to leave the armed groups, the words of the Honorable Misare should serve as a resounding denial.

Encouraging his Bafuliru brothers, the pastors first, to take up arms in a merciless battle against the Banyamulenge, this member of the National Assembly shatters the confidence of the population in the national security services. Because, in his speech, he remarked that anyone who places their trust in the FARDC is likely, for reasons of insecurity not controlled by the latter, to flee and end his race in Lake Tanganyika.

The fault is, according to the myopia of his feelings, with the Tutsi Banyamulenge guilty of the most cowardly of all the crimes of being of Rwandan origin and of resisting their extermination, and failing that, their uprooting.

It is in light of his insinuations that we are witnessing the mobilization of young Bafuliru from Uvira (and from the plain of

Ruzizi) ready to put an end to the Banyamulenge as they make known through their message published on social networks and whose content is nothing but a warning and a threat against any Banyamulenge who dares, under penalty of being lynched , take the national road number 5.

This mobilization, which extends from the high to the middle plateaus (from Fizi, Mwenga and Uvira) and which now affects the axis of the Ruzizi plain to the limit of the coastal part of Fizi – passing through the towns of ‘Uvira and Baraka, as well as the village of Lweba – of sad memory – is the culmination of a process of maturation of this dynamic of incitement to ethnic hatred against the Banyamulenge that the government allowed to proliferate until demonstrate brilliantly in the hemicycle of the Palace of the Nation.

Connected with the demonstration organized in Kavimvira, the day after his speech by the women of the Military (and joined by a group of hot boiling teenagers who chanted, at a furious pace, the name of Makanika and Wanyarwanda / Banyamulenge that he must be cut), the latest outing of the national deputy from Uvira constitutes a bundle of consistent and sufficient clues as to his role in the dynamics of incitement to violence and the proliferation of armed groups in South Kivu.

The video images of an old dad from the Banyamulenge community who had the misfortune to fall into this din overheated by the speeches of ethnic hatred and who was saved only thanks to the loyal elements of the FARDC, while all the crowd demanded his lynching like the assassination of Major Kaminzobe, are eloquent enough.

“We’re not asking for the moon. All you need is protection, “hammered an old sage Banyamulenge from Minembwe in a meeting with General Muhima, former commander of the 112th Rapid Intervention Brigade.

Indeed, knowing that the devastating years continue to bring down their torrent of horror on the life of the Banyamulenge, and that the latter are forced to flee the main agglomerations and the main urban centers of their respective territories for the same reasons that have caused them forced to leave their villages in the high and middle plateaus, it is more than urgent that the Congolese State, through the supreme commander of the armed forces and guarantor of the nation, invest in putting an end to impunity and to restore peace in order to avoid the planned extermination and / or uprooting of the Banyamulenge by their detractors Misare, Bitakwira and accomplices before it is too late.

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