Newsletter 15th August 2021


1. The civil self-defense group Twirwaneho launches the alert and informs the public, both national and international opinion, that the FARDC are put on standby to launch in the coming hours attacks against the Banyamulenge civilian populations and their Twirwaneho self-defense group;

2. The civil self-defense group Twirwaneho is surprised by the fact that these imminent attacks are directed only against the Banyamulenge populations on the one hand, on the other hand they are carried out by the FARDC together with the various Maimai groups with which they have merged their respective troops and hold common positions on 4 axes below:

# Axe1 Mikenge: These attacks are led by Colonel Ekyembe (FARDC) who collaborates with the Maimai / Ebuela group;

# Axis 2 Point zero: These attacks are also led by Colonel Ekyembe with the support of the Maimai / Ebuela group;

Axis 3 Kipupu: These attacks are commissioned by Colonel Guy who is supported by General Maimai Yakutumba;

Axis 4 Bijombo: These attacks are led by General Mukalayi, commander of sector Sukola 2 South on behalf of the FARDC in collaboration with Commander Maimai Ilunga.

3. It should be recalled here that only four days ago, that a presidential order was made public appointing the leaders of the national program of disarmament, demobilization, community recovery and stabilization (P / DDRCS) as part of the efforts. of pacification of the country.
The questions that arise:

1. Why this rush of military operations instead of waiting for the implementation of the DDRCS program about to begin? Are we to understand that Twirwaneho is not affected by this program?

2. Why select operations targeting only the Banyamulenge?

3. Why are the FARDC associating the Maimai as a friendly force in these operations?

In any case, the self-defense group Twirwaneho, while condemning these unwarranted attacks, calls on the government to stop them.

Otherwise, the FARDC and Maimai will bear full responsibility for all consequences of these unnecessary operations.

Done in Kamombo, on 08/11/2021

For the civil self-defense group


Kamasa Welcome / Coordinator


Appeal for Help

We appeal for help to anyone who feel touched to do his/her contribution whether advocacy or funds to feed hungry people who are in a critical situation for 4 years while the world watching.

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