The convention of Luanda as a mountain giving birth to a mouse:

The Luanda convention signed on November 23 is perceived as all fanciful 🙈😂 and superfluous international unilateral ceasefire conventions!

We will have to ask ourselves some preliminary crucial questions. First between two belligerents, in the convention, there must be two parties in conflict so that they find a compromise.

In this case, who represented the M23 to decide for them?

Then, knowing the alliance between the FARDC and the Rwandan genocidal rebels FDRL, who will have to assume the responsibility of the FDRL as immeasurable support to the FARDC? Are they spared? And what about the Ugandan ADF rebels? Why is only the M23 singled out?

Where is the convention to compel the FDRL to leave cooperation with the FARDC? Why the M23 and not the ADF (Ugandan rebels of Joseph Koni) which is destabilizing the DRC?

There will always be problems. The Luanda Convention misses the origins of the conflict.

Where were MONUSCO, the Belgians, the Americans, the Russians, the French, the English, the Germans, the Swiss, the A.U., the E.U., etc. to castigate the role of the FDRL in the DRC before the advance of the members of the M23?

Where were all these great powers when the Congolese Tutsi, Banyamulenge and others who resemble them because of their facies were selected and killed in full view of the Congolese Government? Where are even these great powers when these minorities are being pinned down and killed like flies by people who even display machetes like the Rwandan genocidaires in 1994? No power pipe word!

The M23 and its members are at home, all are Congolese! Why are they leaving? Where to go? They were all born in the Congo, including their parents and their grandfathers! Why are they summoned to leave, illegally leaving their ancestral fiefdoms?

Are the M23 and its members Congolese? If so, why do these conventions distinguish by directing orders to one party and not to the other?

Why are certain areas already occupied by the FARDC and the ADF not affected?

Why are only the parts taken by the M23 disturbing?

Instead of missing the plate, it is better to frankly grasp the fundamental question of the non-applicability of the agreements of March 23, 2009 by the Congolese Government. It is the origin of the cause of everything.

Otherwise, we can clearly see that there are double standards in these agreements.



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