The War of Tricks against the Banyamulenge

The Honorable Freddy Musambya and the War of Tricks against the Banyamulenge

On May 12, 2022, in the hemicycle of the National Assembly, in front of the assembled deputies, the Honorable Freddy Musambya did not fail in his reputation as an elected official who maintains armed groups. After the instrumentalization of the Minembwe affair within this same assembly whose leaders of the plot were rewarded, Musambya, in search of sensations (because empty barrel in matters of development projects for his territory of Fizi) walks in the footsteps of Nzangi Muhindo and Eve Bazaiba. He can only seek his echo with the Banyamulenge. Presenting himself as the president of the High Military Court, he reviews the troops (FARDC) with tribalist glasses and politicizes the assignment of an officer from the Banyamulenge community. The least we can say is that he is ready to settle in the next government. And to do this, the fight against the existence of the Banyamulenge, the promotion in military ranks of his brothers (Babembe, Bafuliru and Banyindu) as well as their reassignment to tenured positions within the various garrisons are there, the main elements of his program.

What is the honorable Musambya really playing?
We remember behind the scenes of a heated debate in social networks, at the end of October 2019 where the deputy Musambya appeared on WhatsApp, on this same note of tribalo-ethnic belligerence to issue harsh criticisms against the reaction of his colleague Moise Nyarugabo to the subject of the massacres of the Banyamulenge by the MAI-MAI who naturally felt encouraged in their macabre undertaking by the words of their leader. Here is an excerpt:

“…Are we deputies of our respective tribes? I followed the interventions of colleague Moise Nyarugabo on top Congo FM, and I dare to believe that it is time to forget our national color and should we speak the truth in public places. I was reserved on most issues that affect my Bembe community, but the field is open to us to trigger the media front with those who claim to be victims when they are long-time assassins. When we kill 4 banyamulenge we are talking about 4 massacred banyamulenge but when we kill 20 Babemba we minimize, we are talking about some human damage” And to add “That is our war. We have been hospitable to these banyamulenges for a long time. But they abused our kindness to the point of spitting their dirty saliva on our brothers and sisters”. Before concluding and assuring that “We are ready for anything. This is a taste”.

The current approach of this anti-Banyamulenge activist who openly exhibits himself in the national parliament is therefore a logical continuation of his threat. It naturally implies that he intends to skyrocket his ability to carry out his plan to uproot the Banyamulenge. His WhatsApp message from October 2019 was admittedly a taste of his threat being carried out. And his violently discriminatory speech on May 12, 2022 at the AN is the real flavor of it. Suffice to say that the message of the President of the Republic calling for countering any hate speech based on tribal intolerance did not bow down to the conspiratorial gang led by the Honorable Freddy Musambya.

The supreme commander of the FARDC can be sure of it: The MAI-MAI in chief, Freddy Musambya who wanted to hear nothing of the negotiations in Nairobi (between government and armed groups) has nothing of a patriot who would go to the front to pacify the Eastern DRC. He dreams rather of establishing a system of cleavage within the FARDC, of ​​stunting and stifling any normal rise of Banyamulenge officers whatever their merit. He wants to establish a “permit” for graduation within the FARDC and assume the power to “control” the assignments of officers to command posts in units where the Banyamulenge will have no say. But that’s not all.
By defending the lynching of Colonel Kaminzobe in his village of Lweba, which he claims to be a legitimate demonstration by members of his community to free themselves from the alleged “hegemony” of the Banyamulenge officers, he pleads in favor of the physical elimination of these last ones and proposes to the government the most efficient way to do without them. In particular that of endorsing his project to place his own cousins ​​at the head of FARDC battalions and brigades assigned to eastern DRC.

There is no doubt that in a context where no FARDC officer has to date been convicted of an offense of complicity with armed groups, the prospect of building and consolidating the MAI-MAI and FARDC tandem is an option envisaged by Musambya from when the latter act under the orders of his cousins ​​who, in turn, owe him submission and loyalty. This would allow him to move forward like clockwork in his project to end

with the Banyamulenge.

The Banyamulenge therefore have their concerns to worry about and the Nobel Peace Prize who prepared Musambya to step into the ring of the National Assembly to knock down these Banyamulenge whose massacres of children and rape he never condemned. des femmes is not one that could allay their fear.

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